Top 5 Championships: #4, the Clemson Tigers


Coming in at number four I am putting Clemson beating Alabama. This was an incredible game, but when it was final that Clemson and Alabama were in the finals again I was disappointed, because one of the reasons I love college football is because there is usually new teams every year. So going into the game I thought Alabama had the game on lock, and early on, it looked like I was correct. Alabama had the lone score in the first quarter thanks to Bo Starborough. The fantastic mix of power and speed in the form of Bo ran through three of the Clemson secondary and dragged the last man five yard before falling into the end zone for six. Bo also scored the second touchdown of the game on a similar rumbling-bumbling run for another six points. Deshaun Watson then showed off his athleticism by tip-toeing the sideline and just getting inside the pylon for a touchdown. At half remained up by a touchdown. In the third Clemson showed signs of life scoring a touchdown to the small wide receiver. However, with under two minutes in the third, Jalen Hurst found his big tight end for a sixty yard touchdown, trying to suck the life out of Clemson. Going into the fourth quarter the Tide was up 24-14 and had the momentum. However, Clemson regained momentum by throwing a fade into the corner for a touchdown at the beginning of the fourth to get the lead down to three. Then Clemson had another touchdown thanks to a one yard run by their running back. Clemson had taken the lead for the first time all night.

However, Jalen Hurst and Nick Saban had something up their sleeve. With three minutes left in the game, Hurst threw a backwards pass to #13 Stewart who threw a thirty yard bomb to the tight end Howard, who made a huge catch at the thirty yard line. On the very next play, Jalen Hurst broke Clemson fans hearts by bull-dozing down the field for a thirty yard touchdown, leaving Watson only two minutes for a game winning drive. However, the possible number one overall pick had something to say about that. Watson drove his team down the field like a true leader and with 17 seconds left threw a strike to get Clemson inside the 10 yard line. Clemson then got the ball down to the 1 yard line and with only 6 seconds to play, shocked the football world. Watson was in the shotgun and his running back went into motion behind him. Watson then snapped the ball and rolled the left, Hunter Renfro was open in the front corner of the end zone and caught Watsons strike to dethrone Alabama. Now while this game was incredible it is fair to mention the Bo Starborough did leave the game due to injury. He was Alabama’s leading scorer during that game so maybe if Bo had remained in the game, the outcome would have been different. However, Watson played absolutely out of his mind and with everything he went through with Clemson, he deserved to win the championship.

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