Middle School Embraces the Environment


The Environmental Club is a Chaminade club in the room MS 3 (Mr. Kelly’s room). Students come to this club to learn about the environment and do projects to help it whether it is on or off campus.

This Club has four faculty mentors Mr. Kelly, Mr. Laury, Mrs. Laury, and Mrs. Gillespie and several parent mentors – Mrs. Angie Pisutha-Arnond, Mrs. Carie Forrester, and Mr. Mike Sorth. Currently the Environmental club is working on trying to reduce the use of plastic on campus. The students started with brainstorming different ways people can help the environment. Some examples people came up with were reducing plastic, composting more, recycling more, reducing landfill, and the one that stood out the most was solar panels. The club went on the roof of the Chaminade Middle School to look at and learn about the solar panels.

The club also does many projects. Have you seen the Christmas lights box where people donate dead lights, so they can be recycled correctly? The environmental club built that box. They also built the environment presentation dome at the global fair!

The Environmental Club might be doing more projects in the future too. The club is thinking about gathering plastic at the creek and building a giant man from the plastic litter if they gather enough recycling! Being a part of the environmental club has a been one of my greatest choices at Chaminade so far and I think it could be yours. So please join and experience the fun of our Environment.