Winter: Why My Heart Grows Colder With The Seasons

The notion of winter often brings with it an icy or chilled attitude, one that can refer to the times of decay, old age, and lack of prosperity in our lives. Winter is often seen as a time for people to go inside and enjoy the view of the snow as it drops graciously from the dark sky into our streets and roads, or to begin reflecting back on the successes we wish to keep, or most importantly the failures upon which we wish to learn and improve. In terms of our school work, winter makes clear the fruits of our labor that is the school year and tells us that the worst of our tribulations are behind us, allowing for more moments in our days of reflection upon this so dreary of seasons. And because most of our time will be taken from us as we venture up the mountain of second semester, I will only make one demand of you, and that is, ask yourself this benevolent question: “Why does my heart grow colder with the seasons?”

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