The Flu Shot Debate


The Flu Vaccine: Good or Bad

I am writing this article because for many years, people have been debating whether you should get a flu shot.  Some people think that you should always get it because nothing bad can happen.  Others think that that you should never get it because they think it makes you sick.  Personally, I get a flu shot if it is over 45% effective, or if I know people who are getting the flu and did not get vaccinated.

What is a vaccine?

Every year in America, hundreds of millions of people debate getting a Flu shot.  According to the CDC, by November of 2017, only 38% of Americans had got a flu vaccination.  A vaccine is a treatment which makes the body stronger against a particular infection or virus.

But how does this work?

When your body detects a virus, it produces antibodies.  Your bone marrow produces white blood cells.  One type of these blood cells is called “B” cells.  The “B” cells produce antibodies. The Flu shot is a deactivated strand of the virus.  When the vaccine is injected, it gives the body a heads up and shows the “B” cells what to attack.

Should I get it this year?

This year, the CDC says that the flu shot is 40% effective which is pretty average.  Personally, I will not be receiving a flu vaccination this year.  In my opinion, it is just not effective enough to take the time and money of getting a flu shot.  One of the downsides of getting the shot is of course the pain of getting stabbed with a needle; but also running the risk of getting sick by going to the doctor’s office just to get a shot.