The Ghosts of Chaminade’s Haunted Halls


Alex Miller

Every student to ever come through the doors of Chaminade has heard of the ghost stories. We have heard that something or someone walks the halls of the fourth floor at night, or that the kids in the old-timey pictures sometimes move, or that Dr. Kralemann’s mother levitated on Chaminade’s haunted bridge near the bottom of Cemetery Lane.

During this month of October, the teachers attempt to scare the students to death.  This time last year, I was sitting in Dr. Karcher’s class when he brought Dr. K. into his room to tell us her Ghost Story. She begun with about how it was a chilly day and she wanted to show her mom the campus of where she worked. She said that she wanted to go into the neighborhood to look at the houses.

The odd thing out about the neighborhood behind Chaminade is that it is built over a cemetery that was dug up for Chaminade’s use. Every student knows from Esto Vir Leadership that it was eventually sold to a developer to build the neighborhood that we know of today. This is where we believe that we get all of our ghost, the ghosts come back to haunt us for moving their graves. So when Dr. K and her mother crossed the bridge it got very cold—but they continued across.

As they began to cross the bridge, Dr. K’s mother kept describing that she was very cold. When they got back to the bridge the air became ice cold. Dr. K. turned around to check on her mother and saw that she was levitating, her eyes rolled back into her head. She went to grab her arm and the second she touched her arm she fell back down onto the ground and had no idea what just happened to her, but she knew she was possessed.

This is only one of the Chaminade one of Chaminade’s haunted stories. The other common story is a about a picture taken on a very clear day of the bridge.  The bridge had a very foggy bush, and in that bush you can see two faces.  Dr. Karcher’s showed us the picture in class after Dr. K. had left. It was difficult to see at first, but when you look closely, it’s perfectly clear.  The faces appear to be priests, and they’re smiling.

Mr. Murphy also has a spooky story to add to Chaminade lore. There was one day when Smurph stayed late and get all his grades in before the deadline hit, and was determined to get everything done. While he was grading in his 4th floor classroom throughout the night, he would here people running through the halls and walking by his room. He thought this was weird because he thought everyone had left, but he never questioned it because he figured it was the cleaning crew. It was near 10 and he was still hearing doors opening and closing and people running.

When Mr. Murphy finally left, he though he turned out his light, and saw nothing in the hallway.  Before walking down the stairs, he turned out the hallway light and went on his way. When he got to his car, he saw that he left his light on.  He was spooked, but decided he should be the bigger person and go back out and turn in out. By the time he got back to his vehicle, he looked back up and saw that it had been turned on again!  It had been a long day, and Mr. Murphy can sometimes be forgetful, so he went back for a third time to turn off the light.  But this time, all of the lights were turned on.  He ran down the stairs and drove home as fast as he could.

As Halloween approaches, be aware that some of your teachers might try to scare you or tell you false stories.  But after hearing Mr. Murphy’s story, I for one will never visit the 4th floor after dark.