Election 2020: The Marianist Case for Joe Biden


Seth Hadlow , Columnist

My family has always considered ourselves Conservative, but I’ll be supporting Joe Biden this election.  There are several reasons why he is the more Conservative candidate and the best choice to lead our country.

Former Vice President Biden is a more traditional and moderate presidential candidate who has a good record as a politician and leader. As a student at Chaminade, the Characteristics of Marianist Education are a focal point of my high school career. I believe Joe Biden exemplifies several of these characteristics through his adaptability, faithfulness, and empathy.

One of the things that has struck me during the presidential race is the candidates’ handling of safety protocols. At Chaminade, the students are asked to wear masks and remain socially distant, and we are all compliant.  We want to look out for the safety of each other, especially the faculty. This falls under the Marianist charism “Adaptation and Change,” which has come to define 2020 both inside and outside of school. As Christians, we are called to adapt to the times and recognize problems in society that require us to change the way we go about our lives for the betterment of the common good.

When I watch the rallies, I see President Trump’s supporters not wearing masks and not being socially distant from each other. In fact, the President has repeatedly made fun of his opponent for wearing a mask.  This behavior would be unacceptable at our school, so why would we allow it from the president of our country?  Why are 6th graders being held to higher standards than the leader of the free world?  Conversely, Joe Biden will do everything in his power to keep our people safe because he highly values the ability to adapt and change his life with others in mind.

It is well-known that Joe Biden is a man who exemplifies the Marianist quality of Formation in Faith. As a Catholic, he regularly attends Church, and consistently references his devotion to Catholic principles as guiding him in his political role in our society. When tragedy struck, he leaned on his faith to guide him through multiple hardships. Joe Biden once said, “Faith sees best in the dark.”  It is his faith that led him through the many dark times in his life, and it will be able to lead our nation through these and any future dark times ahead.

As someone who has lived through much tragedy, Joe Biden personifies empathy in all aspects of his life. Just prior to becoming a senator, his family was involved in a car accident that took the life of his wife and daughter and severely injured his sons. Despite this terrible occurrence, he decided to continue in his public service, but never put the country above his family. This is evident in his willingness to take a 4 hour round trip each day from Delaware to D.C. to make sure he was always home for his boys. There could not be a better example of Family Spirit.

For these and many other reasons, I am putting my trust in Joe Biden. He is a man of adaptability, faith, and family spirit. This is why he will be a great president. A president should lead by example; on Tuesday’s presidential ballot, there is only one man who has proven himself capable of doing that.