O’Donnell Edges Out Mauclerc for 2021 House Show Victory


Trey Guzman

The videos have all been debuted, the votes have been tallied, and the winner of the 2021 House Show is … O’Donnell!

All five houses did a great job producing this year’s shows. O’Donnell came in first place with a twist on the movie Groundhog Day; the Mauclerc House did a spoof on Breaking Bad and came in second; Gray did a take on Back to the Future; while Meyer presented an original skit titled Meyers Covid Catastrophe; and Lamourous did their version of Rocky IV. In case you missed it, here is a recap of these shorts.

O’Donnell’s skit was well produced and starred Aidan Jensen as the main character in their spinoff of Groundhog Day. Aidan was stuck in the same online school day repeatedly. The only way to break the curse was to go back to school. The O’Donnell House thanked Mrs. Perlow for her dedication to Chaminade.

Breaking Buris was Mauclerc’s skit. It was a great spinoff of the show Breaking Bad. The main character Mr. Chiburis gets coronavirus and must stay home and quarantine. In fear of not being able to provide for his family, he starts an illegal Jolly Rancher business with student Peter Helmsing. Mr. Chiburis was going to partner with Mr. Salaveria, but Mr. Salaveria got caught. In the end, Mr. Chiburis stopped selling Jolly Ranchers, finished his quarantine, and happily went back to teaching.

Gray House did a spoof of Back to the Future. It featured Mr. Thro as Doc who finds a formula to go back in time. While Doc is explaining his plan for the time machine, the O’Donnell House attacks. Out of fear, student Adam Cunningham gets in the car and travels back in time. He doesn’t know how to get to the present, so he goes to the past Doc who tells him he needs O’Donnell House’s slime. Cunningham returns to the present, but since he interacted with Doc, it changed the present and Doc is no longer there.

Meyer’s Covid Catastrophe was the only original short. It starts out with a cooking show and appears that Mr. Mouser lost the competition. It then switches to Are You Smarter Than a Middle Schooler where Mr. Winebright makes an inappropriate comment and gets kicked off the show. Next, we watch Keithley Kicks where students tell us about crazy articles they wrote. Finally, Mr. Gambaro takes us back to his favorite Chaminade memories.

Finally, we see Lamourous’ version of Rocky IV. Terrell Saddler fights Jacob Lane and Jacob kills Terrell. To get revenge for his friend Terrell, Andrew “Meatball” Vitale starts to train. After continually failing during his training, “Meatball” finally prevails. In the ring, it appears that he is getting beaten; however, “Meatball” finds motivation and uses that to knock out Jacob.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s house shows. All of the houses did a great job considering the circumstances. Congratulations to the O’Donnell house for their win.