Snow Day or Virtual Day? The Prediction


Jay Smith

Everyone I know has experienced Covid in a different way, but at the same time, every single person’s life has been changed in some way, whether it be minute or drastic. In the opinions of many of my classmates, one of the more disheartening results of the pandemic is the possibility of online days, when normally,school would be cancelled due to weather conditions. Whether we end up having snow days without any school or virtual days is at the top of everyone’s mind because of the current weatherforecast. The National Weather Service predicts that over the next two and a half days we could have “Total snow accumulation 7 to 13 inches”. As of right now, no one knows for sure which will happen both with either the impact of Winter Storm Landon or the school administration’s decision.

Since this is a topical subject among my classmates, I asked some of them what they thought. When I asked Connor Travers’22 what he thought about needing to join Zoom meetings while stuck at home he said, “The darn snow blocks out the WiFi”. This issue is one that will surely come into effect, with studentshaving problems with their internet and not being able to join classes. Additionally, the missed material could cause these students to fall behind in their classwork and grades. Another senior, Nhan Ngo ‘22, who lives in the dorms, expressed his plans for a potential snow day, “I will enjoy watching the snow fall and stay warm in my room. Even though I could walk through the snow to school, the day students not being able to drive on the roads gives me a nice break.” Jack Winter ’22 said “The day off will be nice as it will be a needed break especially with all the stuff we have going on at the moment. And while the prospect of three snow days would be nice, we would probably go virtual one of the days.” I personally think that Jack’s prediction is the most realistic… I mean, Winter is his last name.

Some middle schoolers also shared their thoughts with me. One sixth grader, Gauge Hanson ‘28, said that if we have a snow day, he is excited to go sledding, drink hot chocolate, and play some competitive Fortnite. The excitement in his eyes and voice transcended space and time. Eighth grader, Nolan Gahlbeck ‘26, said, “We hardly ever get snow here in St. Louis, and when we do, it’s a waste to spend a perfectly good snow day on doing schoolwork when we could be outside, having fun and enjoying the day”.

All of these thoughts are running rampant throughout the school today; however, one final thought that a teacher shared with me is that by having a virtual day, more unexperienced high school drivers won’t be risking their lives driving on still icy roads. In addition to this, they said that if there are too many snow days, then at the end of the year we will need to make up the days we missed, but if these are instead virtual days, then we can end the year sooner rather than later and enjoy a longer Summer.

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