Chaminade Drama to Perform Sugar


Following the success of Macbeth, the Chaminade Drama department is doing Sugar. Sugar is a musical based off the movie Some Like It Hot. Sugar is showing at 7:00 PM on February 23, 24, and 25.

Sugar takes place during the late 1920s in Chicago and Miami. Two musicians, played by Vincent Laury and Cameron Nottingham, accidently witness a murder which puts them on the radar of a local mob. To avoid the mobsters, the musicians join an all-female band and take the tour to Miami. The musicians are forced to cross-dress in order to stay hidden. The all-female band is led by Sugar, the lead singer, who was played by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Some Like It Hot. One of the musicians falls in love with Sugar, but Sugar desires a rich man. Thus complicating things even further, the musician takes on Sugar’s dream man. Meanwhile, the other musician faces love interests from a wealthy, old man. Freshmen Garrett Willie is playing the old man. Sugar will be a funny, goofy show.

The production of a musical like Sugar does not come without obstacles. One of those obstacles being the size of the production. The show has 38 actors plus a number of people working on stage design. Unlike a play, a musical also brings in the challenge of multiple music numbers. Some of the top music numbers in Sugar are Penniless Bums and Doin’ it for Sugar. The big music numbers require careful choreography for the actors, but also many song lines to memorize. Despite these challenges, Mr. Grumich is certain the show will be great on opening night.

The content of Sugar also poses different challenges. Since the musical is centered around cross-dressing musicians, two students must be willing to dress as girls for the musical. The musical also has the challenge of a man falling in love with another man. Although the old man thinks he is falling in love with a young female. Ultimately, Sugar covers mature subjects, but also has good humor in it to take away from touchy subjects.

Sugar is showing February 23-25 at 7 pm. Come see some your classmates like Vincent Laury, Garrett Willie, Justin Wyms, and Stanley Williams star in the show. An added bonus to seeing Sugar will be spectacular tap dancing from Big Jay. Sugar is shaping up to be a big hit and you don’t want to miss it!