Top 5 Championships: #2, the Chicago Cubs


With number 2, I am putting the Chicago Cubs. Now I know the Cubs being this high up is going to make a lot of people upset, but hey this was one incredible World Series. The cubs were the favorites to win it all the entire season, and they completed the task. It was tough for them, and they faced adversity like every team does, but they pulled through it. Now the World Series in itself lived up to all the hype. The Indians jumped out to a 3-1 lead and it looked like Cleveland would have 2 titles in one year, but the Cubs weren’t done yet. They battled back and went to a winner take all, game 7 in Cleveland.

To lead off the game, Dexter Fowler hit a hanging curveball to straight away center that landed just beyond the fence to give the cubs a 1-0 lead before Corey Kluber had thrown 5 pitches. In the fourth inning, Addison Russell hit a high pop fly that was caught by the center fielder of the Indians, and Kris Bryant took off for home, however, the left and center fielder had some communication trouble and the center fielder was not in the best position to throw home. Bryant slid into home and got him foot under the catcher’s leg giving the Cubs a one run lead. The cubs got three more runs and were up by four. It seemed that the Cubs would be champions. Then, Joe Maddon brought in Jon Lester and David Ross, and on a wild pitch the Indians scored two big runs. I thought this was the worst call Maddon could have made. Kyle Hendricks was in a groove, getting Cleveland batters out at will, and Maddon just takes him out. I was extremely surprised when this happened. However, just one inning later, David Ross made up for his mistake and hit a home run to dead center. This was the moment where I thought the Cubs had won the series. Their leader had just helped them after giving up a big run, but he got it back. I could not have been more wrong. Because in the 8th, Maddon made another terrible call. He put in the flame throwing Aroldis Chapman. He had pitched him in every game that series and he was tired, but he put him anyway. Chapman gave up a single, then a double, than a homerun. When Rajai Davis hit the homerun to tie the game. I thought that Joe Maddon would be fired. He made two risky calls that backfired. Then in the ninth, with Javier Baez at the plate, and Dexter Fowler on third with one out, Maddon had Baez bunt with two strikes! All Baez needed to do was hit a ball into the outfield and Fowler would have scored for the lead, but he struck out trying to bunt. Then going into the extra innings, rain started coming down, and the game was put on delay. This was the best possible scenario for the Cubs.

In the locker room, Jason Heyward called the team together and told them they were not losing the game. This delay won the Cubs the game. In the 10th, Ben Zobrist ripped a line drive down the third base line to give the Cubs a one run lead. Miguel Montero then hit a single between shortstop and third which gave the Cubs a two run lead. The Cubs finally seemed like they had it. However, Rajai Davis his a single to center field that scored one run. The next batter hit a weak ground ball to Kris Bryant. Kris picked up the ball and fired to Anthony Rizzo to win the series. It took 108 year, but the Cubs had finally recaptured the World Series. The Cubs had a rocky road though. If you remember they had a three run comeback against the Giants in the Division Series, and then Maddon almost lost the series for them. However, they did win and game 7 was absolutely amazing.