New Rink Sparks Hype for Upcoming Hockey Season


Tim Delaney

CHESTERFIELD, MO- Just like all the other Chaminade sports, the hockey team has high expectations for the upcoming season. They made it all the way to the state semifinals last season, with Queeny being their home rink. This year that’s no longer the case. With a brand new facility, alongside a brand new locker room, the season is looking promising.

In Chesterfield, a brand new rink was completed this summer. With Hardee’s Iceplex being torn down two years ago replaced by a TopGolf facility, the wait has been long enough for a new rink in the Chesterfield Valley. Teams from Chesterfield had to travel all the way to Pacific or Wentzville to play. The new rink “Maryville Ice Center” is shared by Chaminade, Maryville, and Chesterfield Hockey Club.

The rink came with a hefty price. Twenty-one and a half million dollars were spent to perfect the beautiful multi-rink building. The building is 84,000 square feet large, with room for over three thousand fans in the main rink. This leaves a check box for the Chaminade hockey team to try and fill it to the brim for big games.

The rink’s funding came from charitable donations, and bank funding. The Chesterfield Valley Transport Development District also pitched in on the project. Adding to the design talk, the viewing areas above the rink create a relaxing environment for fans of all ages. There’s a game room, meeting rooms, and even couches.

The Chaminade locker room is a 20×20 space with a personal stall for each player. Players can hang their own equipment up in the stall, and even store whatever they need in the compartments that it comes with. The location is ideal, as the locker room is right in between the practice rink, and the main rink. There’s water fountains inside the room, and a bathroom with state of the art showers. It feels like home inside.

While the locker room and it’s up-to-date setup are impressive, it’s not the only interesting feature to the rink. Right now, they’re in the process of building a workout area. It’s not your ideal gym with only big weights and mirrors. It will be equipped with turf, a weight room of course, sauna area, and finally an area for shooting pucks off the ice.

This facility, as well as the Blues new facility, will impact the youth and the city for years to come. After the Blues won the Stanley Cup, the hockey community began to grow. This rink just doubled the growth even more, and provides the quality rink the city needed.