Rec League Feature Team: The Delivery Men


Jack Meyer

The outdoor soccer season might have completed, but that doesn’t mean that soccer is over for the year.  Indoor soccer is alive for many Chaminade students.  There might only six players on the field for indoor soccer, but it takes just as much effort and grind as an outdoor.

There are many good indoor soccer teams out there today, but I want to focus on one team. That team would The Delivery Men. This team consists of Chaminade students, and they play at Manchester Vetta. The team is comprised of a few varsity soccer players, a few others with some competitive experience, and then a bunch of other guys just looking to have a good time.

The team is led by the player-general manager Austin Middendorf, and the player-coach Jack Meyer. The goalie of the team is Alex Ganniger, and the rest the team is: Arthur Decampos, Cam Lay, Eli Steele, Nate Case, Ben Burke, Jack Gill, Ethan Pingel, and Will Maloney.  Though it may seem like an odd group, the team chemistry helps The Delivery Men succeed.

The Delivery Men had a record of six and two last year. It was not a down year so to speak, but General Manger Austin Middendorf came into this upcoming season with the goal of making this team unbeatable.   So he was able to persuade two varsity soccer players to come play for his team instead of a different team. Those to players are Arthur Decampos and Cam Lay. These two players will be able to have a big impact on the team and give the team that extra little push to have an undefeated season this year.

The Delivery Men will play eight games this year, and so far this season they are 2-0. The first game was close, but the D Men won 10 to 8. But the next was total domination by The Delivery Men at a score of 13 to 3.  This season is shaping up nicely.

I asked Austin if he thinks the team has chemistry, Austin said, “The team had an insane amount of chemistry. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Everybody out there has each other’s backs on defense and on offense. Always positive encouragement. Everybody gets equal playing time we all have a fun time and we get the results that we need.”

The Delivery Men do have a tough schedule this year; they play tough teams, including some based out of different public schools. I also asked Austin what his thoughts on the schedule they have ahead this year. Austin said, “Yeah definitely the teams ahead oppose some difficulty but the way we’ve been playing should take care of them. If The Delivery Men execute properly, we should be fine.” As the coach of this team I believe they will be able to execute and have a great season.

Now with a lot of hype around a team always comes some hate too. I talked to Graham O’Neal about the team. These were his thoughts. “They aren’t good outside of Jack Gill and Cam Lay.”  Graham would go on to say, “They don’t have a very good attitude, their morale towards playing isn’t good. They are only worried about winning not having fun.”

People always have their own opinions, but it is really the team to show if the hate is right against them.  The biggest game of the year will be against fellow Chaminade players, who is led by their goalie Josh Hendricks. Hendricks has been talking a big game about indoor soccer this year. It is a big rivalry and all the players are looking forward to playing this game.  It will be exciting to see how this team will turn out by the end of the year!!!