2019 House Competition (Shirts) Standings


Alex Miller

House Competition always ends with the best of the best gathering on the Don Ohlm’s field.  Fans watch from the stands as captains and strong men compete in the tug-a-war and capture the giant puzzle piece, which can ultimately decide the winner of the Marianist House Cup.  But no matter the big competition, there are other smaller competitions happening between the houses.  Every house likes to take their small wins in little competitions throughout the year, even down to the house shirts.

Let’s look at my rankings of the 2019 Chaminade house competition shirts. This will be based purely off designs of the t-shirts and the cleverness of the design

  1. Lamourous

Lamourous did their best escape route this year, which for them (as always) means that they had the llama. This year it was a basic design with a llama on the front with sunglasses on it with a mustard yellow. It is a very basic design with no new thoughts put into their shirts this year, which is why I’m sticking them in the last spot.

  1. O’Donnell

O’Donnell went for the populous vote this year, with their motto, “Slime Mentality.”  Well played.  But no matter how cool of a slogan that is, we cannot avoid the logo. The logo happens to be donuts that spell out OD with slime coming out. It is a clever design for this year, which puts them above Lamourous. Overall, a very clever design, but a very ugly one.

  1. Gray

Gray always wants to be the most creative of the houses, often pulling off insane house shows and wacky designs. This year, they went for something random: a hand-drawn koala on the back with the standard logo on the front. It is a clever and talented drawing, but an irrelevant one. Final thoughts are that they had a great logo and cleverness, but it falls short because no one really knows what it means.

  1. Mauclerc

This year, Mo went for a very basic and simple design that has the possibility of it being copyrighted. They simply wrote “Mauclerc” on the front–but with the Monster Energy Drink logo as the “M.” Many students were complaining about the shirts, but it quickly grew on them as it was a clean and simple design. With the sleekness of the design, it mounts them a great second place but falls short of first because of the lack of ingenuity.

  1. Meyer

Meyer comes out as the champions for the house competition shirts. They had a very clever design because of their past slogan “Meyer Magic”. They truly embraced this slogan as they ended up using the Orlando Magic (yet another house being guilty of committing copyright infringement). They replaced the words magic on the logo and put their house Meyer on the front. It looks very impressive with another simple design, but it is very popular because of the popular retro design. They even followed it up with a perfect baby blue behind the magic.  It was clever, well-designed and gave a nod to the past.