Chaminade’s Gym Featured in NBA 2k20


Luke Kasubke

Chaminade’s gymnasium isn’t always the most popular sports venue among students, but it will forever have the honor of appearing in a video game.  The Athletictron was recently featured in the video game’s NBA 2k20 advertisement that includes images of a replicated version of the school’s gym and even the school’s crest on the wall.

The school famous for NBA basketball talent is seen around the one minute mark in the video.

The video was seen by millions and reposted by many notable athletes such as LeBron James, and St. Louis natives and Chaminade graduates Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal.

In the “My Story” part of the game, players get to choose between four different cities and decide on which high school they want to go to. St. Louis is one of those cities, and the makers of NBA 2k20 chose the right school to represent St. Louis, especially if they were looking for one in St. Louis that has the most NBA athletes.

This was a big marketing opportunity for the school as millions have seen the advertisement video that is on YouTube and all over the other social media platforms.

The video game was released in November and you can now play with your “my player” in Chaminade’s gym on the game today. The video game is priced at $100.