Lamourous Leaps Back into the Cup Race after House Show Win


RJ Radil

Before the House Show had started on Friday February 28th, Lamourous was last in the House Cup standings by a large margin.  The House Show isn’t typically Lamourous’s strongest competition, and so very few people outside of the yellow house expected that the standings would change.  But after an incredible video and live performance–and a long weekend thinking about what the results were going to be–Lamourous was declared the winner with Grey coming in second and O’Donnell in third.  It is the first time in recent memory that Lamourous won the even, and it launched them into the hunt for the overall cup.

Grey and O’Donnell are still battling at the top of the standing for first place in the House Cup with just 5.21 points separating the two. Meanwhile, Lamourous is just 0.44 points behind Meyer for fourth place and 3.22 points behind Mauclerc due to an “incident” that left them in last place in the House Show.

This win helped Lamourous bounce back from the far behind fifth place house to a house now battling for third place. This win also aided O’Donnell in their quest to win the House Cup as Lamourous fought off Grey into second place in the House Show. Grey’s second place finish in the House Show this year is surprising as they win nearly every year. The upcoming rugby attendance event on March 28 will have large implications in the final standings of the House Cup as Grey looks to mount a comeback and Lamourous plans on jumping out of last place.

After winning the House Show, I asked John Walsh, Lamourous House Captain, his immediate thoughts on the big win. He responded, “I was super happy about winning the house show. I am really grateful for all the people that put in a tremendous amount of effort to make our show happen. People like Joe Donlin, Keshon Campbell, and JR Mercer are people that come to mind who I am extremely grateful for.” He also added, “What is really interesting to me is how Lamourous wining the house show affects the first place competition between Gray and O’Donnell. Because Lamourous won the house show, we received 5 bonus points. If Gray had won the house show, they would have 95.43 points right now. This would have given them a better chance to beat O’Donnell, which has 98.64 right now.”

When asked about the future rugby attendance event, House Captain Walsh said, “I would love to see and encourage everybody in Lamourous to go to the Rugby Game on the 28th. Rugby is such a fun game to watch and it would help Lamourous jump up to third place!” John and I hope to see everybody show up on March 28 to support our rugby team and play a role in a very important house event.