Red Devils Win on Senior Night to Advance to District Finals


What a throw!

Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Football Beat Writer

After a close back-and-forth game, Chaminade outlasted Ladue and came away with a 27-20 victory on senior night last Friday.

Knowing this game could have been their last, Chaminade’s seniors showed out. Offensively, Senior RB Amar Johnson rushed for 250 yards and two touchdowns, his second being the game’s deciding score. Defensively, Senior OLB Ryan King finished the game with 11 tackles and a sack.

During the two weeks Chaminade had to prepare for the Friday night matchup, the Red Devils studied the Ladue offense, led by freshman quarterback Beau Dolan. With Dolan being an unexperienced freshman, the Rams offense heavily relies on Junior RB Jared Rhodes, last season’s leading rusher.

The Rams offense uses a variety of formations and packages that facilitate Rhodes, particularly by rushing outside of the tackles with zone runs and tosses.  Beau Dolan is still considered a game manager-style QB, so Ladue’s pass attack heavily relies on getting the ball to Rhodes coming out of the backfield.

On the other side of the ball, the Ladue defense was no match for the Red Devils, as Chaminade finished the game with 482 yards of total offense and two 100 + yard rushers.

The Senior Night win advances the Red Devils to the District final as they look to face off against Parkway West next Friday.

Game Summary

First Quarter

  • Ladue receives the opening kick
    • Chaminade holds Ladue to a 3 and out
    • Forces punt
  • CCP DL Kyle Russell sacks Ladue QB Beau Dolan for an 11-yard loss
    • First sack of Russell’s career
  • Ladue’s Field Goal Unit sets up for a 35-yard Field Goal
    • Mason Taylor’s kick is good (3-0 Ladue)

Second Quarter

  • CCP WR Elijah Griffin hauls in 42-yard bomb from QB Cam Epps for a touchdown (6-3 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (7-3 CCP)
  • Ladue is held to another field goal by Chaminade’s defense
    • The kick is good (7-6 CCP)
  • To top off a 12-play, 80-yard drive, CCP QB Cam Epps runs in a 1-yard touchdown (13-6 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (14-6 CCP)

Third Quarter

  • Chaminade receives the kick after the half
    • Ladue forces a Chaminade punt
  • Ladue RB Jared Rhodes runs for a 10-yard touchdown (14-12 CCP)
    • Mason Taylor’s extra point is good (14-13 CCP)
  • Ladue RB Mel Woodson rushes for an 18-yard touchdown (19-14 Ladue)
    • Mason Taylor’s extra point is good (20-14 Ladue)

Fourth Quarter

  • Amar Johnson responds to Ladue with a 5-yard touchdown to tie the game (20-20)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is blocked (20-20)
  • Ladue’s Field Goal Unit comes out to attempt a field goal on Chaminade’s 9-yard line
    • Bad snap on the during the kick results in a Chaminade stop
      • No Good
    • Amar Johnson breaks loose for a 66-yard rushing touchdown, securing the Red Devil’s victory (26-10 CCP)
      • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (27-20 CCP)
    • CCP OLB Ryan King sacks Ladue QB Beau Dolan for a 9-yard loss


Rushing Leaders

  • Amar Johnson
    • 31 rushes, 250 yards
      • 6 yards-per-carry
      • 2 rushing touchdowns
  • Cam Epps
    • 14 rushes, 100 yards
      • 7.1 yards-per-carry
      • 1 rushing touchdown

Passing Leaders

  • Cam Epps
    • 10-15 passing, 125 yards
      • 1 passing touchdown

Receiving Leaders

  • Elijah Griffin
    • 7 receptions, 103 yards
      • 14.7 yards-per-reception
      • 1 receiving touchdown
  • Amar Johnson
    • 3 receptions, 22 yards
      • 7 yards-per-reception


  • Kyle Russell
    • 1 sack
  • Ryan King
    • 1 sack


  • Gary Barbour
    • 9 solos
    • 1 assist
  • Cam Epps
    • 9 solos
  • Ryan King
    • 7 solos
    • 4 assists
  • Louis Prevost
    • 6 solos
    • 2 assists