Johnson Scores Five Touchdowns in District Championship Win


The team having a great time

Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Football Beat Writer

The Red Devils notched their second consecutive district championship in two years with a 57-14 steamroll victory over the Parkway West Longhorns.  Chaminade will host Jackson next week for the state quarterfinal.

Offensively, Chaminade dominated. The Red Devils totaled 502 all-purpose yards, rushing for 416 and throwing for an additional 86.  This seven-touchdown performance proved to be the offense’s best showing thus far.

The running game has been Coach Torrey’s bread and butter all season, and it continued to be this game. Amar Johnson led the pack, tacking on 181 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. Cam Epps was a close second, totaling 168 yards and 1 touchdown.  Epps rushed for 100 yards in the first quarter alone.

Holding the Longhorns to just two scores and forcing 5 turnovers, the Red Devil Defense showed out as well. In addition, Chaminade held highly touted D-1 prospect Ja’Marion Wayne to just 46 receiving yards.

Chaminade super-Sophomore Peter Fessler earned himself some notoriety on Friday. Fessler took a scoop-and-score to the house after a botched backwards pass by Parkway West on kickoff.

The Red Devil not only got to sing their fight song after the game, but also got to ring the Victory Bell. Arguably the best victory celebration west of the Mississippi, the bell made its first appearance of the season.

Chaminade looks ahead to their notable opponent Jackson.

Game Summary

First Quarter

  • Parkway West Receives the opening kick
  • After a 19-play drive, Parkway West WR. Josh Gansen catches a touchdown from QB Isaac Kittrell (6-0 PW)
    • Matt Cosgrove’s extra point is good (7-0 PW)
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson responds with an 11-yard touchdown run (7-6 PW)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (7-7)

Second Quarter

  • CCP RB Jimmy Grumich fumbles, recovered by Parkway West
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson runs it in for a 12-yard touchdown run (13-7 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (14-7)
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson brings in a 33-yard touchdown pass from QB Cam Epps (20-7 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is good (21-7 CCP)
  • CCP DE Ryan Doehring sacks Parkway West QB Isaac Kittrell
    • Doehring’s first varsity sack
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson hauls in not his 1st, not his 2nd, not his 3rd, but FOURTH touchdown of the half off a screen pass from QB Cam Epps (27-7 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s extra point is no good (27-7 CCP)
  • CCP Safety Nick Divis intercepts Parkway QB Isaac Kittrell
  • Chaminade Kicks off to Parkway West
    • CCP’s Peter Fessler recovers a muffed backwards pass, and brings it in for a touchdown before the half (33-7 CCP)
      • Bill Truong’s extra point is no good (33-7)
    • CCP CB Gary Barbour intercepts Parkway West QB Isaac Kittrell to end the half

Third Quarter

  • Chaminade receives the opening kick
    • Parkway West attempts the onside kick
    • Chaminade recovers
  • Parkway West CB Trey Bell Intercepts CCP QB Cam Epps
  • CCP DT Carson Gylnn sacks Parkway West QB Isaac Kittrell
  • Parkway West WR Ja’Marion Wayne runs in a toss from QB Isaac Kittrell for a touchdown (33-13 CCP)
    • Matt Cosgrove’s extra point is good (33-14 CCP)
  • Parkway West attempts the onside kick again
    • Chaminade recovers
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson fumbles
    • Parkway West recovers
  • CCP Defense stops Parkway West on downs

Fourth Quarter

  • CCP K Thomas Prevost attempts a field goal on Parkway West’s 8-yard line
    • Kick is good (36-14 CCP)
  • CCP OLB Louis Prevost recovers a fumble
  • CCP QB Cam Epps finds the endzone for the first time with a 5-yard touchdown run (42-14 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s kick is good (43-14)
  • CCP OLB Ryan King Intercepts Parkway West QB Isaac Kittrell
  • CCP RB Amar Johnson caps the night off with a 54-yard touchdown, his fifth of the night (49-14 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s kick is good (50-14 CCP)
  • CCP CB Gary Barbour has his second fumble recovery of the night
  • CCP RB Kyouta Setoyama seals the victory with a 27-yard touchdown run (56-14 CCP)
    • Bill Truong’s kick is good (57-14 CCP)


Rushing Leaders

  • Amar Johnson
    • 24 rushes, 181 yards
      • 7.5 ypc
      • 3 rushing touchdowns
  • Cam Epps
    • 15 rushes, 168 yards
      • 11.2 ypc
      • 1 rushing touchdown

Passing Leaders

  • Cam Epps
    • 3-5, 86 yards
      • 2 passing touchdown
      • 1 interception

Receiving Leaders

  • Amar Johnson
    • 2 receptions, 61 yards
      • 30.5 ypr
      • 2 receiving touchdowns
  • Elijah Griffin
    • 1 reception, 25 yards


  • Gary Barbour
    • 1 INT
  • Nick Divis
    • 1 INT
  • Ryan King
    • 1 INT

Fumble Recoveries

  • Gary Barbour
    • 1 recovery
  • Louis Prevost
    • 1 recovery
  • Peter Fessler
    • 1 recovery
    • 1 touchdown


  • Ryan Doehring
    • 1 sack
  • Carson Gylnn
    • 1 sack


  • Louis Prevost
    • 8 solos
    • 2 assists
  • Ryan King
    • 6 solos
    • 2 assists
  • Carson Gylnn
    • 6 solos
    • 1 assist
  • Gary Barbour
    • 5 solos