CCP Seniors Re-Rout Spring Break Plans


Kevin Kuehl

This year, Chaminade held spring during the date’s March 11th to March 21st and most of the seniors elected to go down to Florida.

Typically, there is a large group of kids from the senior class that travels down to Cancun, Mexico and enjoys spring break down there. It is a tradition that marks the final send off for the senior class.

This year, Joe Biden implemented new travel restrictions right before spring break which caused many to cancel and reconfigure their plans. “I was really sad when I heard the news about spring break and Cancun being cancelled” said senior Jacob Barnett.

Even with these travel restrictions that were put in place, many people still traveled within the country. A handful of people went down to various locations in Florida, while others went over to Colorado, and some to places like the Carolinas, or California. It is always interesting hearing where people decided to go and what reasons caused them to go there.

Spring Break has become a much more popular and celebrated event over the years. This year especially with COVID and many people not having traveled in months, caused people to really try and get away.

Of course, there are always people who decide to stay in Saint Louis for the break and enjoy their time off in the comfort of their own home. A few people who had sports to play like lacrosse and baseball, had to stay home so they could participate in the sports.

The baseball team, which kicked off its season this past weekend, had a lot of kids either stay home or come home early so they could be there for opening day. Senior manager Dan King said, “I obviously wish that I could have stayed in Florida the whole week, but it was nice coming home and being on the baseball field and then having the rest of my days to myself.”

Although most seniors were not able to go down to Cancun this year, we still made the most of what we had and had a great time in Florida. In fact, Florida is a lot like Mexico, just without all the international travel processes.