Bringing Your Lunch is Indeed the Move


Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief

While bringing your lunch may pose as a lot of work, I am here to tell you it is worth it.

With the many changes that have come to school over the past year, one change, in particular, has come with a lot of controversies.

That one change is the “Covid-Friendly” lunch. In the past, Chaminade students were given free-will to pick and choose all the chicken nuggies, shoelace fries, pizzas, burgers, and many other things Pedestal Foods has to offer.

At the return of this school year, it came as a surprise to many students that picking and choosing as they please would no longer be an option while buying school lunch.

Rather, Chaminade students had to choose between three options of boxed lunch. Employees of Pedestal Foods would now create a meal for the student, which generally consists of a main dish, a side, an apple or banana, a desert, and a drink.

Efficient and Covid friendly? Yes. The ideal food option for a Chaminade student? Absolutely not.

The issue is simply that this is just an asinine way to curate a lunch.

So you’re telling me if I want two orders of chicken nuggies or tendies, I have to order a second meal at double the price of another order?

No Ruth, I do not want another order of fries and a dessert. I am watching my figure and that second order of fries and dessert is too much to keep this body tight, ok.

Fellas, this is why I propose the idea that you bring your lunch. Is it a lot of work, Yes, but it is indeed worth it.

You are at your disposal to craft your five-course meal. What proportions of food you want, what type of food you will eat, whether you want to junk food or healthy, the world is yours.

In addition, for whatever reason, there is a great sense of satisfaction in eating a meal that you created yourself. It’s like making your bed in the morning.

Now if you live in a utopia, where your mother is kind enough to make your lunch for you, tell her what it is you would like to eat for lunch. Then proceed to tell her she is a saint and buy her flowers.

If you are in the other camp, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Meal Prep.

It is a lot of work and kind of a pain, but in the end, it is worth it. DO NOT make lunch every night before school. You are wasting your time.

Instead, on Sunday night take an hour of your time and make your lunch for the entire week. I try my best to eat healthy during the week, so I generally chop up enough Brussel Sprouts and broccoli to fill up a cookie sheet. I toss them in olive oil and stick them in the oven on its broil setting. Once a little burnt on top I take them out.

While my veggies broil, I cook two servings of rice and boil a packet of Lucia’s Ravioli (Fire). I then cut up some assortment of fruit.

With this food, I eat ravioli, veggies, and fruit on Mondays and Wednesdays, either mom’s leftovers or a turkey sandwich, rice, veggies, and fruit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This gets me through the week up until Friday, which is my cheat day so I eat whatever I please.

Brothas, take my advice or leave it, but I am very glad that I bring my lunch to school.