The New Father Ralph Scholarship Fund


J. P. McAlone

As most of you know, Father Ralph Siefert, Chaminade’s former president, passed away a few weeks ago. This hit the Chaminade community very hard, because Father Ralph was one of the kindest souls to ever walk the halls of Chaminade. In the wake of this tragedy, people were left wondering “What do we do now?”. Many have come up with different ways to honor Father Ralph’s memory, and one great example of that is a scholarship fund dedicated in his name.

There is one group that is taking action to raise money for this fund, and that is none other than the MLC (Marianist L.I.F.E. Community). In a sit-down interview with Mr. Shaver, a  head of the group, many questions about the scholarship fund and how money is being raised for it were answered. The idea had originated from Dr. Schmitt and his group, who were brainstorming ideas to honor Father’s memory the day after his passing.

So far, there have been a plethora of ideas for how to raise money for the fund. For one, there have been red and white wristbands that have been sold in the cafeteria every lunch period with the inscription: “Esto Vir FoReveR”. These cost only 5 dollars, and it is most definitely going to a good cause. These wristbands can also be purchased at select home sporting events, or if you are unable to make any of those, just stop by Mr. Shaver’s room. In addition, there are events such as the MLC cornhole tournament, which has become a schoolwide favorite in the past few years, and the newly introduced Spike ball tournament.

As a Chaminade community, we are called to participate in MLC events and purchase the wristbands in order to help support the scholarship fund. When asked about what impact he would like the fund to have on Chaminade’s future, Mr. Shaver stated: “We want to use this fund as a way to honor Father Ralph’s memory and his contributions to our Chaminade community”.