Former Chaminade Prefect Injured in Shooting

Former Chaminade Prefect Injured in Shooting

Jon Lee

On October 17th, Iowa City native Gabriel Heefner was found unconscious in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head. Gabriel, who goes by Gabe, is a 20 year old graduate of Kirkwood high school and is currently enrolled in the Marines. He finished his training as the top of his class out of 45 students. Gabe had also worked for the Chaminade dorms for a semester in the past year.

It only took a single bullet to put a brave and talented young man at the verge of a serious life-and-death situation. Gabe, according to John Gronski ‘22 of the Chaminade dorm community, is “a supportive and outgoing man who has a bright future ahead of him.” John has also stated “it is tragic that such a terrible incident happened to him.”

Gabe is fortunately responsive and alive, but he remains in critical condition. One of the doctors has stated “it is incredible that he survived.”

The Iowa City police figured out who shot the Marine, but he believes it was “unintentional.”
Gabe’s dad simply hopes that “there is some justice that can be done for my son for this careless, senseless act.”

According to page, over $50,000 was donated to support the Heefner’s and wish the well-being of Gabe.

“Now it is just a waiting game to see how he responds once he regains full consciousness.”