Mock Trial Team Looks Confidently Toward State


Luke Koenig '25

With the beginning of the second semester comes Mock Trial competitions.  Each year in mid-October, twenty or so students start preparing their mock trial case.  Mrs. Justusson, the club’s organizer at Chaminade, took some time to talk to me recently about mock trial competition.  According to Mrs. Justusson, every year mock trial competitors argue either a criminal or civil case.  This year’s case is a criminal one and involves the owner of a murder mystery dinner theater being charged with insurance fraud.  All three of Chaminade’s teams argue the same case.  Members of all three teams have to prepare both a defense and prosecution for the case, under the guidance of volunteer attorneys and Mrs. Justusson.  Members of the teams are assigned roles for the competitions based on their interests.  For example, one student will take on the role of a prosecutor, while another will be a witness.  The performances of these roles are scored.  Point differentials between the competing teams determine which advance.  Chaminade has made it to regionals and to state at least one year. They are hoping to make it again, with Ryan Corry ‘25 stating, “I am looking forward to making it to state with a great team!”

The teams’ chances of winning this year seem promising.  Their point differential so far, after one match, is thirty-three points. Their total points last year was thirty-five, earning them a spot at regionals.  Mock trial club offers a good experience for those who are interested in going into law, as well as those who like debating.  The club meets virtually every Wednesday, and then goes to the Courthouse on Sunday from 2 P.M to 5 P.M..  Josh Hurley ‘25 commented, “Going to the courthouse is good for visualizing the actual trial and helps new people find out how the trials work.”

Ultimately, the Mock Trial club not only serves as a great way for those who are interested in law to see how the system works, but can also be a great outlet for those who want to battle wits with other like-minded people.