Chaminade’s Win Over DeSmet Basketball

James O'Leary '24

On Friday, January 13th, The Red Devils hosted the Spartans in a classic MCC rivalry showdown. Going into this game, the DeSmet Spartans were the number one team in the MCC, beating major teams such as CBC and Sluh. However, Chaminade wasn’t far behind, in third place, losing only one game this season. Both teams were on top of the Metro Catholic Conference. This game was a must watch for everybody in the Saint Louis area.

Since the game was hosted at Chaminade, the Red Army showed more than ever with a “silent night” theme. The silent night theme is when the Chaminade Student section doesn’t make any noise until the Red Devils score their first ten points of the game. It wasn’t much of a silent night however since the Red Army made its biggest appearance of the year and brought much noise. DeSmet’s student section showed up as well, but it was no match for this vicious army.

The first half of the game was clearly in the Red Devil’s favor. The Red Devils were out scoring the Spartans by a lot and showing up on defense more than ever, holding DeSmet to only 23 points. Nilavan Daniels was making his loudest appearance of the year, scoring over 20 points in the first half. DeSmet however took advantage of Chaminade’s foul trouble and was able to get on the line for some easy points. However, Chaminade clearly dominated the first half of the game.

The second half of the game was no different. At first, the Spartans came out ready scoring the first couple points, but it was no match for the Red Devils. Nilavan Daniels came out more ready than ever and ended up almost outscoring the Spartans with 35 points. Chaminade stayed out of foul trouble and played one of its best defensive halves of the season. In the end, the Red Devils put up a shocking 64-41 win over the Spartans.