CCP Football Opens Season with 41-0 Win vs. Vianney


I’m number 15.

Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Football Beat Writer

After nearly 4 and a half months of uncertainty,  Chaminade was officially cleared to play football early on Thursday morning by County Executive Sam Page.

Coach Torrey didn’t waste anytime and got his Red Devils back on the field the very next day.  He knew that he had work to do.  Chaminade was matched up against the Vianney Golden Griffins for the first game of the season, and this rival conference matchup was a fantastic way to christen the COVID season.

The Griffins came into the game 0-1 after a 31-7 loss to St. Dominic. Coming off the loss, their star senior Cannen Barcom was a little banged up after getting injured in the first quarter against St. Dominic.

On the other side, Chaminade was at the disadvantage of having no gameplay and little-to-no contact prior to Friday’s game. This showed little to no effect for the Red Devils, as they came out firing from the get-go.  Chaminade scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, and the score only got more lopsided after that.

The Red Devils prepare for their upcoming game against Trinity Catholic, which should be much more of a test for Chaminade than their last matchup.

Scoring Summary

First Quarter

Amar Johnson opened the scoring with a 51-yard touchdown reception, thrown by Quarterback Cam Epps. (7 – 0 CCP)

Johnson Followed his first act with a 14-yard rushing touchdown. (14 – 0 CCP)

Second Quarter

Amar Johnson continued his scoring in the second with a 2-yard touchdown rush. (21 – 0 CCP)

Third Quarter

Tired of hearing Johnson’s name on the PA, Elijah Griffin decided to join the scoring effort with a 51-yard touchdown reception, thrown by Quarterback Cam Epps. (28 – 0 CCP)

Markus Marshall plowed through the goal-line with a 2-yard touchdown rush. (35 – 0 CCP)

Fourth Quarter

Putting the cherry on top, Johnson rushes for his fourth, I repeat fourth, touchdown on the night. (41 – 0 CCP)

*Vianney finished the game scoreless


Chaminade Offense


  • Amar Johnson
    • 11 rushes, 65 yards
      • 3 rushing touchdowns
    • Cam Epps
      • 6 rushes, 42 yards
    • Kyouta Setoyama
      • 8 rushes, 33 yards


  • Cam Epps
    • 4-10, 108 yards, 2 tds
  • Mitter Hanson
    • 5-6, 46 yards


Amar Johnson

  • 3 receptions, 65 yards
    • 1 touchdown
  • Elijah Griffin
    • 2 receptions, 63 yards
      • 1 touchdown
    • Grant Finlay
      • 2 receptions, 20 yards

Chaminade Defense


  • Grant Finlay
    • 1 int
  • Andrew “Meatball” Vitale
    • 1 int


  • Joe Corrigan
    • 7 solo
    • 2 assist
  • Ryan King
    • 5 solo
    • 1 assist
  • Nick Divis
    • 4 solo
    • 3 assist


  • Joe Corrigan
    • 1 Sack