New Members Inducted into NHS and NJHS

New Members Inducted into NHS and NJHS

By Jackson Sorth

On Wednesday March 22, the new members of both the National Junior Honor Society and the National Honor Society were inducted in the main auditorium in the Skip. The induction ceremony was kicked off by Student Exemplar Michael Guavain, who gave a short and inspiring speech on his experience at Chaminade and what it means to be a member of the NJHS and NHS. Then the new members of the NJHS were inducted. They were followed by the new members of the NHS. After the ceremony had concluded, the inductees and their parents were invited to a short reception in the rotunda of the Skip.  The new inductees went back to class after the reception for the rest of the day.

Both the NJHS and NHS have very long traditions and they both are known for their excellence in academics and in character. The NHS was founded in 1921 and the NJHS was founded in 1929.  Both the NJHS and the NHS were founded by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  The organizations are about more than just academics.  They also value character, service, and leadership. These values are expressed in their intense search for worthy candidates who meet all of the required criteria for admission.

During the ceremony, some of my fellow classmates and I were inducted into the NJHS.   I felt truly humbled to be inducted into the NJHS.  I am also thrilled to be given the opportunity here at Chaminade to be in the NJHS. I think the intense evaluation that each nominee to NJHS receives is definitely necessary so the NJHS remains a respected organization. I also enjoyed the ceremony and I felt that it was a good way to recognize the new inductees’ accomplishments. I also feel that the reception was a nice way to give the new inductees an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishment with their families. I think the whole induction ceremony was a great way to celebrate the new inductees’ accomplishments.

The first core value of the NJHS and NHS is Scholarship. All members of both the NJHS and NHS are required to have more than a 93% GPA for more than one semester. This is important because it requires a lot of work and effort to make it into the honor society. This is the most important value and it requires the most effort by students.

The second core value is Service. All members of the NJHS and the NHS are required to have accomplished service. This can be any type of service from helping homeless people to kids with disabilities.  Service helps people become the best they can be by challenging them to understand that people have problems that they can’t face on their own and that they need help. Service is important in NJHS and NHS membership because it proves to the head of the chapters that the nominee is a good person with strong character.

The third core value is Leadership. Leadership is important because members are expected to be leaders in their school, clubs and sports teams. Leadership isn’t shown through being flashy and leading your team in goals or points, but it is about helping a younger member of your team or taking a less experienced player under your wing and mentoring him throughout his time at Chaminade. Leadership is one of the most important qualities that a person can have.

The fourth and final core value is Character.  A student with character does not make fun of a kid because of the way he talks.  Instead character is helping the kid who gets made fun of and sticking up for him and being his friend when nobody else wants to. Character is extremely important.  It is not only needed to succeed in school;  it is needed to succeed in life. Character is above all else the most important.

The induction ceremony for both the NJHS and the NHS are extremely important events. They are important not only so that the young men who have received membership can be rewarded and can have their gifts showcased, but also so that the students who are not in the NJHS or the NHS yet can get motivated to try to make it in. I think that everybody at Chaminade should attempt to be inducted into the NJHS or the NHS.  This can help them with getting into good colleges and so they can be leaders in life and truly live out “Esto Vir”.