Chaminade Spelling Bee


Chaminade Spelling Bee 2019

By Luke Hurley

On January 16th, five middle school students from each house competed in the Scripps Middle School Spelling Bee. This event was hosted in the Skip Viragh Auditorium to determine the school champion who would advance to the Regional round.

Each year, 5 students from each house are chosen to represent their house for the Spelling Bee. These students are chosen by a small spelling bee during mentor group. These students are from each mentor group, and whoever wins from the mentor group, is moved to the position for the school wide spelling bee.  The overall winner of the Spelling Bee at Chaminade gets a lunch butt for the rest of the year, house points, and advances to the next round.

This year, the judges for the Spelling Bee this year are Coach Morgan, Dr. Armon, and Mr. Mug. The pronouncer for the Spelling Bee was Mr. Hale.

Once again, the spelling bee lived up to the hype.  Walking into the Spelling Bee, the audience was cheering on their friends while they advanced. The 2018 Spelling Bee champion was Jack Shadden, 7th grade Meyer House, and he was looking to defend his title.

The final three consisted of Logan Zwirn, Jack Shadden and Jotham Daniels.  The final two ended up to be Logan Zwirn, 7th grade Gray House, and Jack Shadden, 7th grade Meyer House. These two battled it off to the last words, the most difficult. Jack Shadden almost won if he had gotten his word right. Logan Zwirn also misspelled his word, leading it back to Jack Shadden. Jack spelled his word wrong again, turning it over to Logan. Logan spelled his last word correctly, winning the Spelling Bee overall.

Logan Zwirn will move on to the next round of the Spelling Bee, regionals. He will compete against other schools to hopefully move on to the state wide. If he wins that, then against the country, and so on. While the Spelling Bee is a competition, it is also a fun activity to see, with a quote from an audience member; “The spelling bee is my favorite event of the year.  The audience is great, and it’s so impressive to see how well our students do.  This year was no exception!”  With this years Spelling Bee finished, it is exciting to see the progress of our students later on, good luck Logan.