Rowdy Red Raffle a Huge Success – Especially in the Middle School


Every Year Chaminade holds a “Rowdy Red Raffle” that is controlled by Mrs. Amy Peters. The Raffle is always held to raise for a certain cause this year it was for Earths environment by enlisting new Recycling bins around campus. The raffle was held from October 12th to November 2nd.

With the rowdy red raffle at an end, the results are in. We sold over $131,000 worth tickets this year and most of the money raised will go to helping the earth’s environment by installing new recycling receptacles throughout the school campus. Everyone who had sold 10 tickets or more gets a free day off as well as the entire middle school with the day off and oversold their quota. Everyone in the high school also got a day off, except for the seniors, who did not sell their quota.

The top three salesmen were Conner Travers, with total sales of 257; Charlie Travers with 253 tickets; and Michal Shanahan with a total of 200 tickets. I spoke with Connor Travers briefly over hoe he sold the tickets and he told me that he sold his tickets to his dad and his office.

Chaminade has many cash prizes to win from the tickets and to earn from selling.  The winner of the $500 prize was sold by Mikey Anton to Mike Anton. The winner of the $1,000 prize Gretchen Wallace was sold on the Chaminade website. The winner of the $10,000 prize was Angie Ross and was sold by Scott Ross. The winners of the $100 Laura Rottjakob sold by Andrew Rottajokab, Kevin Travers sold by Connor Travers, Paula Shanahan sold by Michal Shanahan by Michal Shanahan, Katherine St. John sold by Christopher St. John, and finally Richard Hughes sold by the Chaminade website.

Although we fell short of our goal by $9,000, the money was a great help to the school and its community. The money that was raised will be used for many resource saving and environment helpful needs. One of which will be that new Recycle receptacles will be placed around the campus to reduce the amount of littering and help the environment. Thank you to all who had sold and bought tickets. It was a great help for our school!

**UPDATE** The 6-11 graders will be taking their collective Raffle Day-Off on Monday, March 5.