Middle School Open Gym – Jotham Daniels


This is a caption.

“You need more practice”. “You need to get some extra shots in”.

“But I don’t have time after school!”

“What about before school?”

“Well, I think Coach Derkits and Coach Mo have open gym before school”.

“That’s great! What time is it?”

“I think its 7:00-7:30”. “I heard also that the fitness room is available, if needed.”

“Perfect! Its not to early and you can get some more practice!”

Coach D and Coach Mo had the great idea of having open gym. Its before school 7:00-7:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Jeurgens. The open gym is open for middle schoolers early. Kids can come over to have fun or get an extra 30 minutes to practice a sport.

Coach Derkits told me, “Students who attend open gym will have the opportunity to pick an activity to play, will have access to the fitness room (if desired), or students can use the gym to run/workout/train for a sport.  Any students who are interested in receiving a designed workout, will be provided one by Coach Mo or myself.  I hope several students take this opportunity to get some exercise, meet some friends, and improve your overall fitness level!”

Personally, this has been a great opportunity for me to continue working on my game.  Coach Derkits, Mo, and I all hope to see you next open gym!