O’Donnell Takes the Cake in the 2019 House Competition Day


Brady Cook

DON OHLMS FIELD–The O’Donnell House came to play at the annual Chaminade House Competition Day held in October, easily taking home the prize over the other four houses. This 60-point event put the O’Donnell House in the lead for the Marianist Cup, the final prize for this year-long House Competition.

The Marianist Cup Competition is something that every house at Chaminade takes immense pride in, and O’Donnell is finally tired of losing. With a stacked class of senior athletes, they easily cruised to victory at the House Competition Day. With the comfort of knowing the big boys such as Julian McBride and Nick Ori will finish the day with a tug-o-war win, the rest of the house performed confidently throughout the day events. Luke Kasubke shined as usual in frisbee, showing off his vertical and athleticism on the frisbee field. The football team was stacked with talent, but surprisingly they did not come in first. However, the squad still had a very strong showing, and there were some iffy calls by the zebras, including a controversial overtime period in the final game between Meyer and O’Donnell.  Mr. Hale, the referee during this highly disputed game, declined to comment on this story.

I caught up with Teddy Divis, O’Donnell House Captain, to get his perspective on the successful day. I asked Teddy about how he led the house to a day full of successes, and his answer was this: “For me, it was about putting the guys in the right places.” He went on to say, “In the O’Donnell house, there are many different athletes and scholars with many different talents. I knew if our guys were spread out in the right events, success would follow. However, I did not expect the domination that occurred. That was just exciting to see.”

During the interview, Teddy seemed to be very confident in the race for the House Cup. I asked him about the future for the house, and Teddy responded, “I just want to keep the mojo going. During this last semester, as long as we keep our same energy, I am confident we will come out on top.” I asked him specifically how O’Donnell will get the edge, and he said, “I believe focusing on attending events and paying attention to the small details will be huge.”

The House Cup is something all Chaminade students, teachers, and staff look forward to every year. It’s always a heated race, and usually it is a close competition. It is safe to say O’Donnell has the upper hand at this point, but it will not be a cake walk for the men in green.