Fathers and Sons but No Banquet


Alex Gladson

The annual Father Son Banquet hosted by the Chaminade Fathers Club has been cancelled this year due to COVID concerns.  The event was set to take place on March 8 of this year.  As of right now there is no plan to have the event or any event in place of the banquet.


Every year, Fathers and Sons have had events to meet other students and their fathers. Most events were fun activities where the sons and fathers focused on service and family.


However, most of the service fell onto the fathers’ laps as the students would often go and enjoy these events that they had volunteered for. There is one event that this was not the case: The Father Son Banquet.


The Banquet is a large even and requires a lot of space. So, every year the Chaminade Fathers club reserves a night in the Frontenac Hilton’s convention area. This is one of the nicest convention areas in all of St. Louis and has been a great partner with Chaminade for many years.


At the banquet there is plenty of space and time before the dinner for fathers and sons to gather and socialize with the other fathers and sons. This is the reason for the banquet, along with quality time with Chaminade men and their fathers. Some of the students even have fathers that attended Chaminade.


Zach Helmsing is one student who is a second-generation Chaminade student. His father Mark attended Chaminade with his brother, Lou, before him. Zach has been attending the Father Son Banquet with his father since he started going in the 6th grade. When asked about it he said, “The Father Son Banquet is a great opportunity for us to spend time with our dads, and understand the importance of a strong relationship with your father.”


Zach also spoke about his special connection both him and his dad share over Chaminade. “My dad is the reason I went to Chaminade he has loved the school since he first went there about 30 some odd years ago. He has formed a great relationship with his classmates and teachers that are still teaching today.”


During the dinner the fathers and sons are seated around a table with friends and strangers. Although it may be awkward at first everyone is about to talk and enjoy the evening with their father or son.


During the meal there are many speeches and a guest speaker after the meal is over. At the last banquet the former Cardinals general manager, John Mozeliak, gave a speech. His son is also a student at Chaminade which made the speech and him being there so much more special.


Another student who has attended the even since he come to Chaminade freshman year is Anthony Etzel. Anthony is the only one in his family to come to Chaminade; all his brothers attend CBC. He enjoys the special event that Chaminade has for the fathers and sons. “The Father Son banquet can be described in many ways. But the way that I would describe it is simple. I would say that it is a life changing event,” He goes on to say, “You see, the Father Son Banquet has changed my life. It has improved my relationship with my dad and driven me to become the smart, athletic, and successful man I am today.


The Father son banquet is very special to many people here at Chaminade and this year especially with COVID it is hitting the students hard. With not having many events many students were looking forward to attending the banquet. Sadly, that is not an option this year.


The Father’s club is hopeful to return next year with a Father Son banquet and are very excited for the long-awaited day that fathers and sons are able to celebrate their relationship with a banquet in their honor.