Returning to Reading: One Recommendation


Jake Wedding

Returning to school means returning to reading. While most people dread the idea of picking up a physical book with what seems like a voluminous consortium of pages, spending an hour of their time reading can actually be a very enjoyable and beneficial activity. The problem with most kids today is they lack appropriate guidance on what to read. If we can get our youth enthusiastic about enriching their acumen and intuition, we would see an exponential surge in reading.

For those interested in reading political novels, Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Peril, is one deserving a deeper look. Bob Woodward is a critically acclaimed journalist for the New York Times. Since kicking off his career in journalism in 1971, he has received the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, and the Worth Bingham Prize. Woodward has recounted the presidency of nine different administrations, spanning former President Richard Nixon to our current president, Joe Biden. Peril will be Woodward’s third Trump-related book, completing the explosive trilogy of novels associated with his presidency. Following the release of his previous book, Rage, Woodward expects to come back once more to express his thoughts about the Trump presidency and the transition of power from the Trump administration to the current Biden administration. Peril will take a dive into what exactly happened from November 2nd to January 20th, and how both parties handled the situation amid a public health crisis.

Peril is a fast-paced novel that details the tottering transition to the end of one presidency and the start of another. With countless interviews from internal and external staff, Woodward is able to compress around 6,000 transcripts into a 512-page story. Woodward’s newest installment is set to release on September 21, 2021, and is one that I would recommend.