Spring Break at CCP


Caden Fernandez

This year Spring Break begins on Thursday, March 10 and ends on Monday, March 21. It is a refreshing break from our busy lives and allows students and staff to travel, spend more time on hobbies, or relax. It is also a midway point for the semester. April, May, and the end of the schoolyear quickly follow. Covid-19 has restricted many activities and vacations during Spring Break for the last two years. However, restrictions are beginning to fade at Chaminade and around the country. Let’s see what our students had to say about their Spring Break in 2022.

A survey was sent out to all Chaminade students about their plans for their days off from school. Students were asked to describe whether they were traveling to a warm, moderate, or cold temperature location, or if they were staying at home. 72 responses were collected. After analyzing the answers, 46% of students are headed to a warm location for Spring Break. Trips to the beach were common responses. Alex Canale ‘27 talked about spending his Spring Break in Naples, Florida. He said he would stay at his grandparents’ beach house, enjoy time with his friends at the beach, hang out on a boat, and play mini golf. Teddy McNulty ‘22 mentioned his vacation to Cancun, Mexico with a few fellow seniors. Johnny Carlin ‘27 even described his plans to visit the British Virgin Islands. San Francisco, California was another popular vacation spot. Moving to the other end of the spectrum, 21% of students are travelling to cold places. Vail, Colorado and Park City, Utah were among the common responses. Wyatt Honerkamp ‘26 is travelling all the way to Big Sky, Montana. Students described plans to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and snowshoe. Finally, 17% of students were travelling to places with moderate temperatures. Many are travelling to the East Coast. Mack Yanagimoto ‘25 and Cormac Ward ‘26 are travelling with their families to look at colleges for their sisters. Washington, D.C. was also mentioned by a few students. George Buescher ‘26 is going to New York City with his dad for sightseeing and to watch a New York Knicks basketball game. Chaminade also organizes its own trips over the break. Led by Dr. Wilson, the 8th Grade Exchange Program to London, England is returning after its absence in 2020 and 2021. Matthew Judkins ‘24 and Harlan Sheehan ‘24 are two of the nine students eager for the trip after waiting for two years. Fabian Velazquez ‘25 said he is joining Mr. Marsek’s road trip from St. Louis to New Mexico.

Although travelling is exciting, 16% of interviewed students are remaining in St. Louis. Many of them plan to spend time with friends or work on other hobbies outside of school. Grant Schneider ‘24 said he would be playing golf every day, and Logan Zwirn ‘24 said he would be working on his baseball skills and enjoying the nice weather. Whether a student is travelling to an exotic place or staying home, it seems Spring Break 2022 will be enjoyed by all of Chaminade. Have fun CCP!