Top 5 Days of the Year at Chaminade


Tim Delaney

Sometimes school can feel like a drag, with most days the same as the ones before and after.  That’s understandable; we’re are here to learn and prosper as young men of faith – but sometimes it is necessary to have a little fun.  Thankfully, Chaminade Most of that fun takes place on the weekends, at the games, and homecomings. That being said, here are the best 5 days of the year as a Chaminade student, from five down to one.

#5 – House Meetings

The fifth best type of day here at Chaminade has to be days where we have House Meetings. These days are unique because we get to spend time with our house members, while having fun at the same time. This is rare for us, because as seniors we are constantly forced to mingle with the lower classmen in mentor group, and other team activities. There are few chances to get active outside of gym class, so we must take advantage of them. Lastly, we get to compete against the younger kids. Who doesn’t have fun showing their dominance on the court or field against the younger generations?

#4 – Homecoming Pep Rally

The fourth ranked day is the Homecoming Pep Rally. Watching the school get hyped up for the weekend is a sight to see. The energy around the school is unbeatable, and everyone is ready to let loose by the end of the day. You can feel it building throughout the day, and there’s nothing like it. Getting rowdy at the end of the day with your classmates is special, and getting the football team hyped for their weekly game is essential. You feel important to the school, and getting active outside of the classroom makes you enjoy your time on campus much more.

#3 – House Show

The third best day is the House Show. Getting to make something for the whole school to enjoy is a pleasure. Watching them is even better. There’s so much creativity flowing around the school, and to see it in effect is mind boggling. Every year there’s something new, and it’s always the talk around the school for the next week or so. It gets the people antsy when they wait for the results, and can make or break your day. That hardly ever happens outside of taking a big test.

#2 – Red Devil Relay

Red Devil Relay is the second best day of the year. It brings some of the same vibes that the House Competition Day brings, but the fact that it’s in the middle of the year, takes off a chunk of the hype. Regardless, getting a break from class is always a fun time. The fact that Chaminade rewards the winners of competitions makes the campus a more competitive environment. This makes us better students and people overall. In order to become the best people that we can be, we must learn how to compete and develop a winning attitude.

#1 – House Competition Day

House Competition Day is hands down the best day. It’s an amped up version of the Red Devil Relay. Everything about it is exciting. The winner of the House Cup is announced, people can make or break their standings in the cup, and everyone enjoys watching the race on the track. This year we will become even more involved, and it’ll be exciting. It’s near the end of the year, so the weather outside is nice, and the summer vibes come into play.