Keshon Campbell’s TikTok and the Success of “Midnight 2”


Brady Cook

Keshon Campbell had no idea what would really happen after releasing his latest film “Midnight 2.” This film dives into the story of a boy whose six friends were killed in the past, and he now fears for his own life. The star actor, Luke Kasubke, is lonely and starts to notice spooky things occurring around him. It features great edits and the breathtaking killing of a serial killer. One day following the big release, it only had a sorry 200 views. Just 12 hours later, that number reached 40,000. What happened in those 12 hours may just change Keshon Campbell’s life forever.

Keshon, a high school student at Chaminade, is a young filmmaker with big dreams and plenty of talent to become notorious one day. For those who know Keshon, they know his commitment and hard work will take him far. He completely committed to film-making this past year, for he quit football to focus on his dream. Evidently, it paid off big time. He has now created many short films which are posted on his Youtube account.

However, the way he found success was a little unusual. Not only did Keshon’s TikTok account explode with followers and fans, but his Youtube channel and short films finally got the recognition they deserve, especially “Midnight 2.” This was something that Keshon deserved, for he worked for weeks on this project. Keshon was upset right after he released the film due to the lack of popularity on Youtube, which is understandable. He took hours and hours to create this film; therefore, he expected a bigger result. Keshon decided to make his feelings public, so he took a video expressing his disappointment on TikTok. This simple video now has over one million views, creating spectacular publicity for his YouTube channel. As you can imagine, the number of views went from 200 to 40,000 within a matter of hours!

This is the power of social media.  Keshon’s film career started as a simple hobby on Youtube, but quickly he realized he had raw talent, and it was something he loved doing. Keshon knew that if he could turn his hobby into a lucrative business, this was what he wanted to focus all of his time on. From the moment he decided filmmaking was something he loved, he started to shine. He created short films, blogs, and even a commitment video for a division 1 basketball prospect.

I caught up with Keshon to ask him about his sudden rush of success. I asked Keshon why he made the TikTok, and he responded by saying, “Honestly, I just wanted more people to watch my film and I wanted more opinions to grow off of. Everything I stated in the TikTok was true, but I did not expect it to blow up like that. That was a big surprise to me.” I also asked Keshon how TikTok changed his Youtube and social media presence. He said, “TikTok has made me so much more creative, especially for Youtube. It has inspired me to think of new ideas and produce for film for the audience that has been presented before me. It’s just nice to finally have a platform to showcase my ideas to everyone.”

When I asked him about the future, Keshon told me, “Film and directing has always been my goal for the future, but TikTok and Youtube will continue to promote my talents.”

Keshon seems to be a bright kid with big future ahead of him, whatever route that may be. In addition to his film and editing skills, Keshon is a division 1 track star who plans to attack that dream as well in college. It’s safe to say he is going to be one busy student-athlete. I questioned Keshon on his future as far as college goes, and he responded with, “I am not positive yet. As of right now, I want to run track at a school with a great film program where I can go after both of my dreams and talents.” Whether it’s winning a national championship in track, creating a famous TikTok, or having his film go viral on Youtube, Keshon will never give up on his dream. That’s why his dreams are going to take him far one day.