Juniors Receive their Rings at COVID-Conscious Ceremony


Jack Carr

On Tuesday, February 23 in the St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Cottleville, the junior ring ceremony and mass commenced. Juniors received their ring and the ceremony marked the first step to becoming Chaminade’s next leaders.

The mass and ceremony were different this year due to Covid. Normally the junior ring ceremony takes place on the junior day off. This year it took place the night before. Additionally, the mass and ceremony usually take place at Pillar but this year it was held at St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville.

The ceremony for the most part was normal. Other than the location changing the mass went off as usual. Connor Williamson, a junior, was pleased with the ceremony. “It was still fun to see out whole grade get together and celebrate” even though Covid protocols were still put in place the junior class was still able to gather together and everyone enjoyed that. The mass was normal other than the protocols but over all it was fun and successful.

Though the junior ring ceremony was a success there was still come changes that had to be made due to Covid. Some were welcome while others weren’t liked. One change that students enjoyed was the mass being at night rather than in the morning of their day off. “I do believe that it is a good way to have it. The reason being it gives everyone the entire day off the next day.”

Williamson shares the same opinion as everyone else in the Junior class. Normally, the mass would be in the morning followed by a brunch and time to gather as a class. “I wished we had the brunch but at the same time, I enjoyed the ceremony being not as long” Williamson is glad that we didn’t have the brunch or a time after the ceremony to get together because it kept the ceremony short.

This year’s ceremony was shortened because of another thing on top of the brunch and that being no quest speaker. Normally, a teacher will talk about juniors stepping up and becoming the next leaders. This year no one did that. It again kept the ceremony short but many Juniors were looking forward to the speaker. “I wished we got the guest speaker; I didn’t understand why that part had to be cut out.”

Williamson, among many others, were excited to hear from the speaker however that was cut out. No one is sure why but the one reason many believe it is due to would be Covid restrictions.

Though some things were changed because of Covid the ceremony was still very fun. “I ended up liking the ceremony” it was a success and that was because of the preparations made by teachers and the cooperation from the students. Junior ring was a huge success and the Junior class is one step closer to becoming Chaminade’s next leaders.