Chaminade Podcast Elevates CSPN to New Heights


Jack Carrow

It started with two guys recording through a laptop. Then came a third member and a recording studio. They had no training in sound design or producing, they just knew they had ideas to share. Now, episodes are being produced each week and being listened to by hundreds of Chaminade members.

The CSPN Podcast came to fruition just a couple of months ago. Chaminade seniors, Kevin Kuehl and Cooper Benedict, had the idea of creating a new platform where school news could be shared to the entire community. The two of them came up with the idea of starting a podcast, and since then, it has taken off.”

At first, we didn’t know how successful it would be. Instead of thinking about how poorly it could go, we locked in and began recording content”, says Kuehl. The first episode, which was released on January 13th, was viewed by more than 100 people. “Cooper and I were surprised to see that many people viewed, and it certainly motivated us to keep the train rolling”, says Kuehl. The motivation has certainly helped, as more content continues to be rolled out.

A few episodes went by, and after seeing more success, The CSPN Podcast was added to Spotify. Being on two major platforms (YouTube and Spotify) was huge for exposure, as it increased the views on each episode. “When we found out that we could add the podcast to Spotify, we were thrilled, as it meant more people would be able to listen to us. It is very cool as well because for years I have listened to podcasts on Spotify, and now I am listening to my own”, says Kuehl.

With each episode came new topics, varying from Chaminade sports, the Super Bowl, and the House Show. The third of member of the team, Mark Scott, couldn’t be happier with the progress of the podcast, saying, “The amount of support we have gotten certainly surprised all of us. More and more people keep tuning in, which has made us realize that we can keep growing this throughout the school year.”

After the fifth episode of the podcast was released, the crew decided to create an Instagram page. This would allow listeners to get updates on release dates, and it added a way for followers to interact with Mark, Kevin, and Cooper. In just a month of existence, the Instagram page is closing in on 200 followers, which goes to show the success of the podcast so far.

The podcast continues to expand and improve as the days go on. Special guests have been brought on, including myself. I wanted to get a first-hand look into how the podcast was made and what went into producing an episode. I was amazed at the set-up of the studio, which is located on the second floor of the skip. Not only are there state-of-the-art microphones, but there are soundproof walls, recording software, laptops, and various headphones that make up for a remarkable studio.

A large part of the success that the guys have had is due to Mr. Bell, who is in charge of CSPN. He has allowed them to record whenever, and he even sets up the studio and makes sure everything is working. “Without Mr. Bell, none of this would be possible. I came to him with the idea of this podcast just a couple of months ago, and he has done nothing but help and teach me since. I am not sure many realize it, but he is the reason this podcast exists, and Chaminade is very lucky to have him,” says Kuehl.

Other guests that have been brought on are Varsity basketball manager, Owen Boyette, and basketball superstar, Tarris Reed Jr. Speaking on bringing these guys on for an episode, Kuehl says, “Our goal all along has been to grow this podcast so that it continues after we graduate. Bringing these guests on shows listeners that anyone is welcome and that it can even be a way to get involved with the school. The more and more guests we bring on is beneficial for the growth of the podcast, so I have been working hard to get people to come on and be a guest.”

At the time of this article, the podcast crew has produced nine episodes, and have gained a large following. They will now be recording each episode on a camera, which will allow people to see the guys through YouTube. Mark Scott adds, “As our time at Chaminade dwindles down, I am excited to continue to grow this podcast, and that starts with recording our episodes. Instead of just listening to the episodes, people will now be able to see us, which I believe makes it more enjoyable.” Even if there is just about a month left at Chaminade for Mark, Kevin, and Cooper, they have most definitely paved the way for future Red Devils to take over and continue the podcast, which is the ultimate goal.