O’Donnell Takes Home the Victory in the House Show


Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Football Beat Writer

O’Donnells House Show, Quarantine Day, written, directed and starred by Aiden Jensen, has been crowned victor of the 2021 House Show.

The short film was an adaptation of Harold Ramis’ film, Groundhog Day (1993). The film showed Jensen, the lead, living the same day of online learning over and over again. This continued until Jensen finally stopped his online learning and came to school.

The film resonated with many of those who viewed it. The film reminds them of the way that they felt during the Covid Lockdown earlier in the year.

Mauclerc Senior Leader, Ryan Buescher gave his perspective on the film.  “I could sorta relate to it since he was trapped at home all day. It kinda felt like everyday was the same, with getting up and just going onto your online zoom call everyday”, said Buescher.

O’Donnell claimed victory in the 15-point House Event by a single point over the Mauclerc House.

The show’s result sparked some controversy. Lamarous Senior Leader, Jacob Gisi, voiced his opinion on the results of the show.

“I do not think the results were accurate. I think that O’Donnell played the pity points card and got free points. They also didn’t include very many students”, said Gisi.

Mauclerc Junior Teddy Pudlowski also weighed in.

“I’d have to say Mauclerc has the best video. I’m in Mauclerc and I definitely thought it was the funniest and the most creative. Also, Karthik had a pretty good part”,Said Pudlowski.

Mauclerc’s video, Breaking Buris, was written by Jake Feisi and Henry Pitillo. The adaption of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad starred Mr. Chiburis as “Hisenburis”. Hisenburis is diagnosed with Covid-19 and is told he cannot come to school for 14 days. He teams up with Peter Helmsing and the two of them create a jolly rancher manufacturing empire.

Even with a second-place finish in the house show, the Mauclerc house still stands in first place by a nearly four and a half-point lead.

The show looked very different from past years. Only seniors were present during the viewing in the skip, there was no live portion, and the videos were extended to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Mauclerc senior Kevin Kuehl offered his thoughts of these changes.

“I think it’s great. We haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff as seniors together this year. No student sections or anything, so getting to go over there together to watch the videos gives us a little bit of normalcy”, said Kuehl.