College Concerns: Interviews with Recent Grads


Jon Lee

Hence our school’s name Chaminade College Preparatory, colleges are possibly one of the major concerns that multiple upper-classmen are dealing with. Constantly asking ourselves, “what school should I go to?” students at Chaminade constantly strive to secure a steady future.

Today, we are here to lessen some of the burdens that are pressing the shoulders of many. By interviewing three recent graduates of Chaminade, we were able to dive deeper into three popular schools in the Midwest: SLU, Kansas State, and WashU.

Beginning with SLU, we were able to interview Bryce Hobart (’21):

Why did you choose to go to SLU?

Bryce: “The major reason I chose SLU was because I had college credits for the school.” “Also, I wanted to stay in St. Louis.”

What do you like the most about SLU?

Bryce: “I liked how I still got to be with many of my friends from high school, such as Bill Troung and Alex Miller.” “Seeing my high school friends at college was nice.”

Should Chaminade students consider attending SLU? 

Bryce: “Absolutely. SLU is a great place, especially for those who want to stay in St. Louis for college and receive high quality education.”

Next, we were able to interview Michael Nguyen (’21) who is currently attending Washington University in St. Louis.

Why did you choose to go to WashU?

Michael: “I’ve always wanted to get into WashU. WashU provides one of the most prestigious educations in the Midwest and the entire nation.” “I especially like the learning environment at the school.”

What do you like the most about WashU?

Michael: “I like the diversity in the school. I wasn’t able to make too many friends from Vietnam back in Chaminade, but it was a lot easier to make friends from home here.”

Should Chaminade students consider attending WashU?

Michael: “Although WashU is a very selective school, it is definitely worth giving a shot. If receiving top notch education is your primary aspect when looking into colleges, I would definitely recommend WashU. Also, the campus is beautiful here.”

Last but not least, we interviewed Ryan Buescher (’21) who is currently attending Kansas State University.

Why did you choose to go to Kansas State? 

Ryan: “I chose to go to Kansas State because I wanted to get out of town. Also, I wanted to attend a big D1 school.”

What do you like the most about Kansas State?

Ryan: “Students here are very happy and positive. I like the positive atmosphere on and off campus which reminds me of Chaminade.”

Should Chaminade students consider attending Kansas State?

Ryan: “I would definitely recommend Kansas State to those who are currently attending Chaminade.” “It’s a very nice place and will make you feel like you’re home.”