Protests at Parkway South


Jon Lee

A tragic incident in Parkway South has led to a historic moment in the school, consisting of hundreds of students who participated in the protest. Students have referred to the event as a “walk out,” and such an event was led not only by students but also encouraged by teachers, along with multiple faculty members of Parkway South. 

On Wednesday September 22nd, multiple bathrooms in Parkway South were covered in racial slurs, specifically referring to the African-American race.

Students have reported that a similar incident happened in the year 2018, but the school did not respond to the event appropriately. This made the students furious, and as a similar incident happened again, they decided to engage in a protest during school hours.

As senior Xavier Cook who attends Parkway South describes, “some students wrote racist comments on the stalls and mirrors of several bathrooms across the school, and we were fed up and decided to walk out.”

From the words of Xavier, it was also evident that the entire school community was engaged in fighting injustice for the incident that occured: “our principal even led us outside to where we were at and some of our counselors told us to keep talking during the event.”

Unfortunately, Parkway South is yet to figure out who caused the drastic incident, but they are “close to finding who did it.”

It is simply tragic that racism is still an ongoing issue in twenty-first century America. Especially at an educational institution, such an incident should never repeat itself.