Club Highlights


Luke Koenig

While the beginning of the school year brings challenges in the form of new classes for students, it also presents opportunities outside of the classroom in the form of school clubs. Recently, Chaminade students were able to pick the clubs they wished to join. Some clubs have already started meeting. With 45 clubs to choose from, there is a large range of choices available to meet students’ interests.Chaminade offers leadership, academic, recreational, service, and spiritual clubs.

 The Art Club is an example of an academic club. According to Mrs. Laury, art teacher and leader of the Art Club, 4-12 students are expected to join the Club this year. She expressed excitement over the group painting and even sculpture projects that members will take on. Mrs. Laury stated, “I’m happy that students with an interest in art have a place to explore it, not simply for an assignment.” Aiden Patterson ‘27, a member of the Art Club, explaining why he joined, said, “I’ve really enjoyed drawing for a while. I also really like to see things that I can relate to and know I made.” 

In addition to academics, clubs also focus on recreation, such as chess. Mr. Marsek leads the Chess Club and said about 25 students are involved in the club each year. Chess Club meets weekly on Tuesdays after school. Matches for high schoolers are held toward the end of the first semester. One especially unique opportunity in the club is that each year the Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis sends a Master to play around 10 games at once with the members. New this year is the opportunity to play against students across the country, with the aid of an online app. Even I joined the Chess Club for the chance to compete against others who share my interest in chess. 

Not all clubs deal with the arts or strategy, some specialize in athletics. An example of this is the Table Tennis Club, led by Mr. Baczynski. He said that he had about 45 students sign up for the club. When asked about what events will happen within the club he replied with, “We play single games, with one person playing another… Each semester, we do one tournament for the members, and the guys really like that. One of the best things about this club is that it is available for both middle school and high school players. There is also no set meeting day, it changes days of the week so that everyone will have a chance to play.” As you can see, even the most niche clubs provide an opportunity for students. 

Chaminade students are fortunate to have clubs that allow them to explore their interests. As mentioned earlier, there are 45 clubs that students can choose from, so there is plenty of opportunity for students to do what they enjoy and enhance their time at Chaminade. They broaden students’ knowledge, allow them to meet others with common interests, and give students something to look forward to at the end of the school day. As a final highlight to conclude, a newly established club this year is the Book Club, which meets every Thursday after school in the Library.