Chaminade Homecoming Dance a Big Success


Jake Wedding

The pandemic has been a challenge for the majority of people. Most of us went an entire year without seeing any of our close friends or immediate family members. Many students lost out on living the best of their high school experience. At Chaminade, our faculty did their best to ensure our family was allowed to continue with their school experience, given our circumstances. However, even though we adapted, we were not able to continue some of our favorite Chaminade traditions such as dances, having formal graduation, or meeting in person for classes.

As we now come to some semblance of normalcy, we are seeing ourselves open up again. As a community, we are able to attend mass together, cheer on our sports teams, and even have dances. October 2nd was the annual Chaminade homecoming dance, being the first time our school was able to host in over a year. 

It seemed as though all members of the Chaminade family enjoyed coming together to enjoy a Saturday night dance. Sophomore Grant Petruska said, “I think homecoming was a great experience after missing out on it last year. It will definitely be a night to remember.” Sophomore Alec Yalevarthi said, “It was a great night that both my friends and I enjoyed.” The homecoming dance also seemed to be a hit for others outside the Chaminade family. Sophomore Josey Haynes from Parkway South said, “I enjoyed how the community was able to come together and have a fun time.” After a long year and a half of fighting a pandemic, and losing out on precious community time, we are finally seeing return to some normalcy.