The Chaminade Chess Club and Chess Team


Patrick Byrne

Chess is a game that’s been enjoyed for thousands of years. It’s evolved and changed as a game over time. The first known evidence of chess dates all the way back to the 600s; its predecessor was a game in India named “chaturanga”. From there, it spread to Persia; after the Arabian invasion it spread to the Muslim world, and finally to Southern Europe. Chess has been one of the most popular games throughout the world for over one and a half millenniums. It’s an amazing fact that there are more variations of a chess board than there are atoms in the observable universe. This rich history and complexity are exactly why Chaminade has a great chess program aimed at introducing kids to this wonderful game.

The members of the Chess Club meet and practice with one another just in order to improve their skills, while the Chess Team has competitive matches against other schools in the Gateway Chess League . In the Club, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a master, since no matter what you’ll have someone to play against. It’s a very laid-back club and everyone is there to enjoy themselves and improve at the game. No one is pressured to come and you know that you’re all there because you’re passionate about the game. That’s what the Club and the Team are all about: they are about enthusiasm and a passion for the rich, time-honored game of chess.