Rec League Recap: The Marianist Brothaz Suspended


Mark Scott

I open this article with the unfortunate news that readers might have heard: the Marianist Brothaz have been suspended indefinitely from all CYC activities.

After only three regular season games, the Brothaz learned of the accusations put out against them. The team has begun the appeal process, but at the moment are ineligible for play.

On a lighter note, the Brothaz started the season strong, with the record of 2-1. Also, worth mentioning is that prior to the suspension, the Brothaz were on a two-game win streak.

The Brothaz season-opener was against the Chaminade rival senior team–The Goon Squad–at St. Gabe’s. The Brothaz were handed their first loss of the season, after only putting up 5 points in the first half. The Brothaz weren’t hitting shots (shaking off that early season dust), and “The 6 Million Dollar Man” John Kuntz carried Goon Squad to the win.

The second game of the Brothaz season was against the Scorers, the other Chaminade junior team. The game was a nail biter, and the Brothaz came out on top, winning by only one point. Not only was it a great to beat a rival team, but the Brothaz won without two of their star players, Adam Cunningham and Mark Scott.

That’s when things started to unravel.

When the clock struck 12:00 on the 19th day of January, none of the Brothaz realized what was to come later that day.  The Brothaz were matched up against the CYC runner-up basketball team, Assumption, who they defeated in the Championship the previous year. Holy Infant (the don) was packed, everyone and their brotha was there to watch the Brothaz run train on these fools.

After 40 minutes of play, 6 players combined for a whopping 8 technical fouls, two of which came from Meatball. Even with all the opportunities Assumption had because of the Brothaz foul trouble, the Brothaz came out on top 45-23.

During the game at an undisclosed time, Marianist Brothaz 9th man Jack Guyot was seen leaving the floor.  According to a formal complaint placed on the team and Guyot,  Brotha Guyot “went to the bathroom, flipped his jersey around, and proceeded to try to sub himself in on the opposing team.” The Brothaz have not released a statement, and at the moment they refuse to acknowledge these accusations.

The Brothaz are currently in the appeal process and are making an argument to the archdiocese, on why they are being wrongfully accused of said accusations.

While the Brothaz are “suspended indefinitely,” they will take this leave of absence to train and develop chemistry among themselves on the court. Practices will be open to the public at MAC West.  The team will not talk to the press.

The Brothaz will be back and better than ever.