New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Anderson

New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Anderson

Luke Koenig '25

Some of you may have noticed a new face on Chaminade’s campus, that of Mrs. Amy Anderson.  Recently, I have had the privilege to be given the opportunity to interview her, so that not only I, but you will be able to get more acquainted with her.  Mrs. Anderson is a new 8th grade teacher at Chaminade.  Although this is her first year at Chaminade, she is quite familiar with the St. Louis area.  She attended Incarnate Word, got her undergraduate degree from UMSL, and earned her master’s degree from Lindenwood.  She then taught at St. Justin the Martyr, Incarnate Word Academy, and Holy Infant.  She spent the last sixteen years at Christ Prince of Peace.   When I asked her why she chose math as her specialization; she responded with: “The job had exactly what I wanted to teach, math.  I’ve always loved teaching algebra.” 

Mrs. Anderson said that she had a few main reasons why she chose Chaminade.  One of the main reasons being, “I heard a lot of great things from current students and alumni, and I knew they loved the atmosphere.”  Mrs. Anderson said teaching at an all-boys’ school is quite different from all of her other schools, which were either co-ed or all girls. She noted that she has had to make her classes far more structured, as she thinks boys have a lot more enthusiasm than the other kids that she has taught.  When asked about her main goal for teaching at Chaminade she replied, “On top of teaching my students math, I love the Esto Vir journey idea, and I like to help the students hopefully achieve Esto Vir.” 

Already, Mrs. Anderson has left a positive impact on her students.  When Palmer Masson, an eighth grader, was asked how he felt about his new teacher, he responded enthusiastically with, “She is a nice math teacher.”  Another student, Barret Mclaughlin, ‘27 added, “I think that she is an easy teacher to learn from.” 

In the short time that Mrs. Anderson has been teaching at Chaminade, she has had a positive effect on her students, both in their educational lives, as well as their faith lives.  And she seems like a great fit for the Chaminade family.