Winter Sports Preview


As the leaves change and the temperature drops, Chaminade Middle School students begin to think about winter sports and clubs.  Chaminade offers fun winter sport activities. These activities include basketball, wrestling, water polo, and swimming. Basketball is the only sport in winter that requires you to try out. The rest of the sports you can just show up to the first practice or meeting. Winter Sports kicks off on November 13 with wrestling and water polo. Basketball tryouts are on November 14 through 16.

Basketball is good opportunity to play with friends and improve your skills. 6th grade basketball team is coached by Coach Kelley and Coach Hale. 7th grade basketball is coached by Coach Ott and Salaveria. 8th grade is coached by Coach Derkits and Coach Twellman. The 6th grade B team coach Mr. Hale says that his expectations are that, since the court is an extension of the classroom, our players behave like gentlemen of Chaminade.  “I expect our guys play hard, but that they show sportsmanship and class, and that they don’t allow the competition to overwhelm their sense of kindness and fair play. Tryouts can be very stressful for players, and so I just hope that the guys all have a chance to demonstrate their ability. Once the season begins, I hope that everyone stays healthy and enjoys themselves.”

Last year, Chaminade had a good season. The seventh grade A team finished with an undefeated record. The sixth grade B team had their best record ever. The Chaminade basketball coaches coach their teams to get prepared for the high school level and high school intensity level.

Water Polo is a great way to meet new friends and to learn how to play water polo. Water polo has no tryouts and you can just show up to the first practice. It is coached by Mr. Mug and the games are in January and February. The first practice is November 13. If you want to try something new, water polo is the way to go.

You should swim for Chaminade because it is fun, and you get to maybe try it for the first time. If you love the sport or love water, you should go and swim. It requires not tryouts and you need a swimsuit, towel, maybe goggles, and yourself. Swimming is a great way to learn, meet new friends, and have fun.

Wrestling is really challenging. It does not matter about your height, weight, or skill at the sport because they will pair you up against someone your own size. If you want to see a new sport or do something tough, go and try wrestling.

Chaminade winter sports are a great way to learn, meet with new friends, and test your ability on the sport you play. Basketball, swimming, water polo, and wrestling are awesome winter sports to find new abilities that you never knew you had.